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About the Muskie Foundation


The mission of the Foundation is to further Edmund S. Muskie's lifelong commitment to public service, civic responsibility, and the protection of the natural and human environment by supporting the work of those who build upon his achievements and who honor his values and ideals, by promoting public dialogue on the public issues to which he devoted his intellect and energies, and by supporting the Maine institutions whose aims and purposes he helped to shape.


The University of Southern Maine created the Edmund S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs in 1990, including academic programs in public policy and management and several research, policy analysis and technical assistance centers. The Institute faculty and the Centers established the national reputations in the enhancement of state and local government services, particularly in the health and social services areas.

Recognizing the Institute's academic growth and the important contribution of its scholarly and public service activities, the University renamed the Institute the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service in 1997. The School offers Master of Arts degrees in Public Policy and Management and Health Policy and Management and has been authorized to offer a Master of Arts degree in Community Planning and Development. The first Ph.D. candidates were accepted at the School in the fall of 1999.

By supporting Muskie School programs that engage students, faculty and staff in public service initiatives across America, the Foundation will carry forward Senator Muskie's legacy of civic responsibility.

The Edmund S. Muskie Foundation provides financial support to the School to assist in the development of the Ph.D. program and to support academic scholarships.


The Foundation supports the work of the Edmund S. Muskie Archives at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. The Archives house Senator Muskie's personal papers, office files, campaign records, memorabilia, photographs, and video and audio tapes of Mr. Muskie's public appearances. It is among the largest political collections in the country outside the Presidential libraries. The
"The world does not stand still, and we should adapt our concepts, our laws, and the functions of government to changing times and circumstances. To do otherwise would be to say that we lack the courage, the foresight, and the ability to use the tools which our ancestors so wisely provided. Only we the living can apply those tools to uses which will meet our needs today." -- Edmund S. Muskie, January 6, 1955
collection documents the rich history of Senator Muskie's life and his many interests. It is available to researchers, students, and others interested in his life and work.

Mr. Muskie received his B.A. degree from Bates in 1936. The Archives' brochure states: "The presence of the Archives on campus underlines the college's commitment to discussions of public affairs, foreign policy and the preservation of the environment, to which Senator Muskie made important contributions...."

The Foundation supports the Archives by making periodic grants to support research into Senator Muskie's public life, to maintain and enhance the collection and to promote its use, and to foster the Muskie legacy, particularly in the areas of environmental protection, civic responsibility, and stewardship.

The Foundation has funded more than 450 interviews as a part of a comprehensive oral history on the Senator's public life. The Foundation also continues to support a Congressional index project intended to organize the Senator's public legislative record. Access to this information is available through the Archives.

Maynard J. Toll, Jr.
New York, New York

Jane Gray Muskie (deceased)
Bethesda, Maryland and
Kennebunk, Maine

Edmund S. Muskie, Jr.
Washington, D.C.

Berl Bernhard
Annapolis, Maryland

Eliot R. Cutler
Cape Elizabeth, ME

The Hon. George J. Mitchell
Washington, D.C.

The Hon. Leon G. Billings
Bethesda, MD

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